About Abbie

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My name is Abbie. I am a lover of Christ, wife to my best friend, mom to the 2 cutest kids ever (sorry it's true!).

A few important things to know about me:
I'm super short... not quite 5 ft tall.
I adore deep dish Chicago style pizza, preferably with broccoli in it from Edwardo's!
I love the city, but God currently has me in a small town.
My son cracks me up all the time! I love that he'll still cuddle with me and that's he's obsessed with Zorro.
I adore having a daughter. We're already best friends. I can't wait for all of our girly conversations in the years to come.
Iced coffee is better than hot coffee. Period.
Rainy days are my favorite days.
I much prefer to be cold over being hot (does that tie into the coffee?), but my favorite season is Fall... crisp, cool weather is fantastic!

I started this blog mainly for myself, to log my journey in sanctification through the study of God's Word and it's application in my life, particularly as a woman. So it turns up in several different areas, my thinking, my feelings, my work, my child raising, my relationship with my husband, my cooking, my homemaking and decorating. Like I said, lots of areas. Perhaps this blog will spur on others to study God's Word for themselves and put it into practice. And if so... to God's glory.


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