Friday, September 6, 2013

It's Friday, It's Friday, It's Friday

Weeks with a holiday to start off always feel like they take forever to go by. Anyone else ever feel that way. They should feel shorter, but they feel longer. Craziness.

1. I was thumbing through some old pics and found this sweet little prophetic gem. Just 2.5 years later we were getting married. We had NO idea that would happen when we were on this 'court'. Crazy wonderful how God works life out.

2. Chris set the pool up for the kiddos and they had a ball splashing around. We're finally having 'summer' around here with warmer temps and I'm ready to put on corduroys and chambray shirts. Isn't that how it always works :) 

 3. Saturday we got my sis and her hubby all moved into their new house. Slowly they're getting settled! And we're right down the street from each other now. 

4. Labor Day was a wonderful and much needed day off and family day. We started the day with a little Play-Doh time, took a 2.5 mile bike ride, I ran back to our car, and we topped it off with some ice cream at a local place. The kids had chocolate all over themselves by the time we were done, so I'm pretty sure it was a success! 

5. Cool mornings have meant breakfast on the patio for me! Love. Love. Love.

6. Chris took the kids to Jump Mania for the first time this week. They had SUCH a good time. Pretty sure we'll be making this a more regular activity.

7. Anyone else feed their kids moldy yogurt. Whoops. Thankful they figured out the issue and are getting it resolved. My kids love this yogurt! 

How has your week been? 

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