Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Things I'm reading and Loving!

Here are a few links to things I've been reading over the last week that have caught my attention....

1. I've been concerned about healthy food for awhile. When I was pregnant with my first I started reading more and more about food, and while I've always enjoyed a pretty healthy diet, I became a bit more passionate about it, both for myself, as well as for the rest of the family. Sugar is something I still battle with finding a balance in.... and I think these sugar rules might be a good idea.

2. Even when life presents some struggles, and let's face it, every day has them, I've been learning over the last several years to enjoy the ride. We've been walking through some passages in Eccelesiastes lately and talking about the 'portion' that God gives us. Everything we have materially, and even just our circumstances are our portion from God. And He wants us to enjoy it. We see in Romans 8 that through all of it He is growing us into the image of His son, Jesus Christ. This little statement reminded me of all that today.

Credit: http://hellopetersen.bigcartel.com/product/petersen-poster-enjoy-it

3. I can't agree more with Trevin Wax, that we shouldn't give our kids trophies for losing. I stand on the sidelines even at my 4 year olds t-ball games wondering why on earth we don't keep track of the score. I want to be able to congratulate my boy on his hard work.... but it never comes....  It seems so silly and I don't think it teaches them to work hard for success. They feel like everyone is successful, which isn't at all the case in real life. Good read.

4. Do you ever fall prey to the mommy wars? The comparison games of mom vs. mom? The ultra fit mom vs. the crunchy mom vs. the cloth diapering mom vs. the crafty mom..... I want to be all of those on any given day and it's so easy to compare myself against all of these other women. This response points moms to the right place.... Christ... to find their sense of identity so that we don't have to compare ourselves against each other.

5. I thought Tim Challies did a great job here of pointing out some of the ways that women tend to take a second glance.

6. I love this curtained idea for covering a closet, especially in a little girl's room.

7. This coat has me swooning!


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