Friday, November 8, 2013

It's Friday Friends!

I'm still stuck in October.... my brain doesn't want to admit that my favorite month of the year is over. You think I'm kindding. Luckily so far, November is looking a lot like October, with some beautiful color left in the trees and perfect temps!

I didn't get my Friday post up last week, so I'll back track a bit today to fill in.....

1. For the last 10 years our church, Sonrise Baptist Church, has hosted a wonderful Fall Festival for our community. It's a great opportunity to serve and love the people around us with fun and games... and my yummy cookies! This year Pinterest inspired a few spiders, very fall like. 

We had our own little Hulk in the house this year. He has the Rooooaaaarrrr down pat! 

And our little Repunzel loved being all dressed up. 


2. This happened. God's creativity on full display. The colors were magnificent! 

3. We dressed up again for Halloween and I managed to rig up a the little crown that came with her new Repunzel baby so she could wear it. She might really think she is a princess now. We don't normally emphasize the whole princess thing (even though we may secretly consider her our princess.... we don't appreciate the haughty spirit that often comes with reinforcing it for little girls, so we try to stay away from it with her so as not to contradict the humility we try to teach her.) 


4.    Chris took the kids to a local park and let the kids run around happily. 

5.    Right after the above photo this happened. His first little bee sting. Poor guy. Fortunately he had little reaction and is fine now. 

That's pretty much been our last couple of weeks. We've had some fun! 

God has been good during this season of life that's different than usual. It's astounding to me how God shapes and molds us through his Word and through circumstances. Disappointments, opportunities, the good, the bad, the patience testing, the joy.... God is at work through it all. And while I'm really, really excited to see what God has for us in the next season of life, I don't want to miss what's happening in the here and now. Because he's just as much at work today as he will be tomorrow. 

What's been going on for you? What is God using in your life?! 

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