Friday, August 23, 2013

It's Friday!!!

I'm linking up today with Lauren at The Lauren Elizabeth for High Five for Friday. It's been a few weeks for me, but my sister has been missing my posts, so here I am Britt! This week has been FAST and busy, but fun. My toddlers are growing up way too fast on me and I'm just trying to cherish every minute with them.

1. This is from a few weeks ago, but it's been awhile since I shared. The little lady FINALLY figured out that her Puddle Jumper life jacket will indeed make her float. She's been terrified of it all summer, but on the LAST day of swimming for the summer, she figured it out and spent a few hours kicking around the 'big' pool. I was thrilled! 

2. This summer has had the most amazing weather. I know I've mentioned it before. We've been able to have late night fires in the fire pit and the kids love roasting marshmallows. 

3. After our fire pit time we let the kids watch Night at the Museum in a tent in the backyard. We kept them up way too late, but they loved every minute and I'm pretty sure it will be a sweet memory for a long time. Besides what fun is parenting if you don't have a little fun every now and then?! 

4. Mornings with my fave girl.

5. I found this string of pictures on my computer when I got to work yesterday. Apparently someone had gotten ahold of it and had a little too much fun in PhotoBooth! 

6. Last night we got to enjoy a Springfield Cardinal's game with our Baptist Bible College family. The kids love going to games and I just love hanging out with them! 
(P.S. Chris was there too.... Why did I not get a pic with him?!) 

How has your week been? God has been stretching and growing us the last few weeks and months and I finally have gotten over the hump of it all I think and am basking in the strength God provides his children. We have SUCH a faithful God who provides for us even in our inner man, as well as for us in the outer. Drink richly friends. He is good.

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