Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Things I'm reading and loving!

1. I danced for several years as a kid and early teen. These photos make me wish I'd kept it up!

2. If you're a Christian, what holds you back from sharing the gospel with unbelievers? Here Mike McKinley offers up a few reason. What resonates with you?

3. After reading this I fully plan to be The Mother of all Swear Words. Why you ask?

'Why should you care about being the first word on “bad words” with your child? There are many good reasons, but consider this one: When your first-grader sees a word written on the bathroom wall and suspects you might disapprove of it, he will not look it up in the dictionary. He will Google it. And because his language skills are just developing, he will most likely go to Google Images. What do you think he will find? Or more to the point, what do you think will find him?'

Because I want for my husband and I to be for our kids 'the most reliable and safe search engine they can consult when their curiosity on any topic is piqued.' 

4. Parenting is hard some days, don't we all know it. And it's easy to forget some of our basic theology.... that of sin, and the place it has in our children's hearts. Keri Seavy talks frankly here about sin in our children and the importance of allowing a robust gospel to permeate our families, such that our children find a place of hope in Christ not a place of despair!

'We ought to talk frankly about how deceitful sin is as it presents to us alternatives to Jesus for our happiness.'-Keri Seavy

5. Loved this thoughtful article about pornography and its long term effects on young men (and women) and the larger body of believers. Protect yourself from sin my friends. The long term effects just aren't worth the momentary pleasure.  

6. Saying goodbye to dear friends is hard and is something I've been contemplating a bit lately. It's makes me squirm a bit in my skin wondering who will be my 'next' friends when the new ones aren't around me anymore. But it's also exciting to watch friends or myself somehow be used for good gospel purposes, even when they take us far away from each other. 

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