Wednesday, July 24, 2013

things I've been reading and love

1. We've been talking a bit about spiritual warfare at church as we finish out the book of Ephesians. It's something I don't dwell on often. This article got me thinking even through my own life about what these evil minions see in my life that they use to tempt me to sin.

2. This brave young girl managed to escape an arranged marriage. I can't even imagine growing up in that kind of a situation, or the courage it would require to take the drastic measures she has done. Not ever girl has her options.

Source Unknown

3. Jesus is Better. I've really, really needed that reminder lately. Thank you for reminding me.

4. We have a few friends who counsel and work with the military personnel, several of whom struggle with PTSD. I found this to be a helpful article both for that issue, as well as just for the struggles of life. I for one, want to come out stronger on the other side of whatever gets thrown at us, and pray it's to God's glory.

5. This is a beautiful tribute to his wife by Tim Challies.

6. There is not much more that gets to me in my flesh than a whiny kid. And I often have 2 of them! (They are toddlers after all!) This article really encouraged me to step back. I loved her #1 rule of the house and the way she reinforced it with her littles. I plan to put it into practice.

7. Someday I'd love a house with a little hideaway like this for my kids, complete with gold polka dots!

8. I have both of these items in my house. I'll come back with the results soon!

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