Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What I'm reading and loving this week.

1. Great memorization idea for kids (Slightly older than mine!) Great to keep in my back pocket for someday.....  

2. We've been toying around with the idea of having the kids share a room. This is some inspiration for me.

from http://www.cinsarah.com/2012/12/levis-shared-nursery-reveal.html

3. Some great tips for teaching your children about their sexual developement from a young age on The Resurgence.

4. Are you pregnant with a little girl and will need a bathing suit before she's 3 months old? Get this suit! It's so adorable in person. I kept putting off purchasing it for my little lady and now her size is gone. But YOU can still get it!

5. Does the gospel influence the way you tip? This got me thinking....

6. My husband and I have recently started working with the singles group at our church. Couple that with the single girls I've been counseling recently and my heart is really getting passionate about discipling them (more on that later). This article got me thinking about all the recent changes for same sex marriage in our country and the singles that I interact with.

7. Our church is going through this book by Jerry Bridges for our small groups right now. This last week's chapter hit home well for me. Check it out!

8. Loved, this personal testimony from a woman who was changed by God, through the gospel, through a church and who was empowered to help other women grow. It's just fun hearing about what God is doing in His people.

What are you reading that's challenging and inspiring you?

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