Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 16-Today. I. Am. Thankful. For...

I am thankful for my husband's job. Chris' career has been an interesting ride since we got married. When we got engaged (and married), Chris was a youth pastor. We spent 3 years living out our dreams in the ministry. We loved ministering to those teenagers. I still love to hear from them (hint, hint to any that read this :) That season of our lives taught us many things and eventually lead us out of that particular role and we moved back to where we live now so that Chris could further his education. Since then he's worked 3 different jobs-one on the overnight shift (I didn't like that), one working for a horrible boss (I really didn't like that), and now the work he does at the bank. I'm thankful that overall he enjoys his job. It's hard at times, and requires a lot of hours, and we certainly aren't wealthy. But it provides for our family and he works hard at it. And he's pretty good at it. And he looks hot when he leaves for work each day all dressed us. I like that part a lot, especially when he wears his glasses :). Seriously, though... it's a good job, career even, and I'm thankful that God brought it to us when we needed it.  I look forward to seeing where God takes us in the future, as far as work for Chris, but right now, I'm thankful for where he has him.

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